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Jacob Hess and Elizabeth Foutz Family History

Jacob Hess was born 21 May 1792 in Washington township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania to John Hess and Catherine, and married about 1816 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania to Elizabeth Foutz born 4 June 1797 in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania to John Foutz and Elizabeth Hinkle.

1832 Jacob and Elizabeth moved to Worthington Township, Richland County, Ohio (United States to Jacob Foutz 80 Acres-sold 24 January 1834) Riggle Road, corner of Hagerman and Snyder Roads.

1834 March Jacob, Elizabeth, three oldest daughters and John W Hess baptized by David Evans in Richland County Ohio.

1836 May 6 Jacob and Elizabeth Hess family moved to Ray County, Missouri to be with the other Saints.

1838 Autumn Prophet Joseph Smith and companions stay at the Jacob Hess home for 13 days in Ray County.

1839 May 11 Mormon Redress Petition Adams County, Ill “An account against the State of Missouri for debt and Damage Sustained in Consequence of the Exterminating Order p.233 Loss on land $175, Damage & Crop $108, Removal $30, Total $313. I certify the above to be a true and Just account according to the best of my Knowledge.” Signed Jacob Hess.

1845 Summer Jacob and Elizabeth Hess family moved to City of Nauvoo to live with Elizabeth’s brother Bishop Jacob Foutz.

1845 Jacob Hess stricken with paralysis.

Mt. Pisgah Monument1846 April 3 son John W.Hess moves his family out of Nauvoo in two wagons, one carrying his sick father.

1846 June son John W. Hess makes a bark house for family at Mt. Pisgah.

1846 June 22 Death of Jacob Hess at Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa.

Descendent Roland Lee stands by Mt. Pisgah Monument where Jacob Hess died
Jacob Hess descendent Roland Lee stands by Mt. Pisgah Monument placed in 1888 which honors those who died there.

1846 July 10 Son John W Hess and wife Emeline arrive Council Bluffs to join Mormon Battalion.

1847 July 27 Son John W. Hess arrives in Salt Lake City and discharged from Battalion.

1848 John Hess returns to Mt. Pisgah and brings his mother and her four children to Council Bluffs.

1849 April 15-July 26-John W. brings family across plains from Council Bluffs and into Salt Lake Valley.

1850 Census Davis County, Utah Territory Elizabeth Hess 54, Harriet 17, David 14, Alma 12, Emma 8; next door to son John W. Hess with wife and 2 children.

1860 Census

1870 Census Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory Elizabeth age 69 born Pennsylvania. Alone.

1876 August 25 Elizabeth Foutz Hess dies in Farmington, Davis, Utah age 79, and is buried in the Farmington City Cemetery F-48-21, next to her son Alma F-48-22.

Daughter Catherina Hess born 10 Sep 1817 Washington Township, Franklin Township, Pennsylvania and died 1820 same place.

Daughter Polly Hess
born 27 June 1819 Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Married 1st Henry Jackson 10 July 1842 Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. Married 2nd Thomas Hayes 20 May 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. Thomas was a member of Zion's Camp. Thomas died June 1846 Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa. Name on monument as Mr. Hayes. Thomas Hayes Missouri Petition: dated May 8, 1839 asking for $1400 in property damage. Two children: Nephi Hayes born 18 January 1844 Nauvoo-1926, Hancock, Illinois, Alma Hayes born 11 January 1846-1935 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. Married 3rd Abraham Smith Workman about 1847 Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa. Two children: John Wesley Workman 1847-1931, and Heber C. Workman 1850-1917. Polly died 1 January 1850 at Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa.

Daughter Mary Ann Hess
born 11 August 1821 in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Married Stephen Hyrum Johnson (21 May 1817-17 Apr 1899) 23 May 1843 in Carthage, Hancock, Illinois. Four children: John A-born abt 1847, another son-died young, George Hiram born 1845, another son-died young. Iowa State Census 1856 Bear Grove, Guthrie County, Stephen Johnson age 36, 3 males, 1 female. 1860 Census Thompson township, Guthrie County, Iowa Stephen Johnson 40, Mary A 37, John A 13, Hiram 10, 1870 Census Thompson, Guthrie, Iowa Stephen Johnson 58, Mary A 52, 1880 Census Thompson, Guthrie, Iowa S. Johnson 64, Mary Ann 62, 1885 Iowa State Census Stephen Johnson 67, Mary A 64. Mary Ann dies 23 July 1889 and is buried in a now-abandoned graveyard in Guthrie County, Iowa-Sec. 35, corner-fenced, along side of her husband.

Stephen Johnson "On New Year's day, January 1, 1853, Stephen Johnson, the first settler in what is now Thompson township, came to this locality, and entering a claim to the northwest quarter of southwest quarter and the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 34. He came to this place from Brown county, Illinois, and at once put him up a log cabin, sixteen feet square, near his present residence, in which he lived until 1865, when he built the neat frame cottage he now lives in. Here he broke the first ground opened for cultivation in the township, in the spring of 1853. About twenty acres he planted with corn, which yielded him a return of forty bushels to the acre. Although Mr. Johnson was a farmer, yet he was also a mighty hunter in early days. In 1855 he killed upward of ninety-five deer, besides bear and other game, from which he realized $250, besides keeping his family in meat. He saw some buffalo here, but never had the good fortune to kill any. Stephen Johnson is a native of New York, having been born in Monroe county May 21, 1818, his parents being Joseph and Sarah (Hayes) Johnson, who were natives of Pennsylvania. Stephen's grandfather was of English extraction and his grandmother of Irish. His early life was spent on a farm in Monroe county, New York--until seven years of age--when his parents moved to La Ville, Ohio, where they lived for six years. His father was a millwright and built the first mill in La Ville, where he followed that business. His parents removed from there going to Adams county, Illinois. In 1844 Stephen went to Lafayette county, Missouri, where he farmed, having married, May 23, 1843, Miss Mary A. Hess, a native of Pennsylvania, and the daughter of Jacob Hess, who was of German descent. They had three children, who are now dead. They now have one child--Hiram. From Missouri he again returned to Illinois, where he remained till 1852, when he started west, but stopped at Hamilton, Illinois, opposite Keokuk, Iowa, where he engaged in breaking prairie. In the spring of 1853 he came to his present home. Among the hunter's stories he tells is one in which, while going to Pearson's mill, he saw a puma, or Rocky mountain lion, near the head of the North river. The animal had been doing considerable damage, and was poisoned about the time he saw it and was not seen afterwards. When asked by his neighbors why he did not kill it, he replied that he had no gun with him, or else its hide would have been in his possession. The animals, justly dreaded by all on account of their fierceness and activity, being allied to the cat tribe, are singularly rare in this part of the country, fortunately for the settlers. Hiram Johnson, still a resident of this township [Thompson], came here with his parents in 1853. Hiram Johnson came to Guthrie county in 1854. [sic] He was born in Adams county, Illinois, on the 18th of October, 1845, and in 1853 he removed to Hancock county with his parents, and the next year came to Guthrie county. He was married in July, 1865, to Miss Mark K. McMullen, and by whom he has had four children--Joseph R., Mary K., Alice M. and Edgar A. Mr. Johnson enlisted in 1864 in company C, 46th Iowa infantry, and was mustered out at Davenport. Mr. J. is one of the early settlers of Guthrie county, and is an esteemed and honorable man."History of Guthrie and Adair Counties, Iowa

Son John W. Hess born 24 August 1824 Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania and died 16 December 1903 in Farmington, Davis County, Utah. (See Autobiography of John W. Hess below)

Daughter Sarah Hess born 22 February 1827 in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania and married Morgan Lewis Hinman about 1845 Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa. Sarah died about 1846 at Mt. Pisgah, Union County, Iowa.

Daughter Annie Elizabeth Hess
born 24 March 1829 in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, married Samuel Keele 27 March 1847 at Mt. Pisgah, traveled across the plains leaving June 15 with the Henry Bryant Manning Jolley Company and arriving 9 September 1852 going to Farmington, Utah, then to Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada where she died sometime after the 1880 census. More at Samuel Keele and Annie Elizabeth Hess Pioneer Blog.

Daughter Christina Hess
born and died 11 May 1831 Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Daughter Harriet Hess born 18 August 1833 in Richland, Richland, Ohio and married Morgan Lewis Hinman (7 October 1831-3 July 1891) 22 December 1853 in Farmington, Davis, Utah. They had at least eight children: Florence Aurelia Hinman 1855-1855, Elizabeth Aurelia Hinman 1859-1859, Eva Maria Hinman 1860-1934, Nancy Helen Hinman 1863-1865, Alice Edna Hinman 1865-1865, Morgan Meloten Hinman 1867-1869, Frank Hinman 1871-, and Nellie Hinman 1877-1950. Harriet died 12 July 1921 in Farmington, Davis, Utah. 1860 Census Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory Morgan 28, Harriet 24, Heber Workman 9. 1870 Census Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory Morgan 40 born Massachusetts, Harriet 38 born Ohio, Eve M 8 born Utah. Harriet died 12 July 1921 in Farmington, Davis, Utah and is buried in the Farmington City Cemetery B-18-1.

Daughter Lydia Ann Hess
born 24 July 1835 in Richland County, Ohio and married David (1837-1928). Lydia died in 1865. (Nothing more is known at this time-2009.)

Son David Hess born 18 February 1837 in Ray County, Missouri and died 17 June 1928 in Farmington, Davis County, Utah. Married Jane Ann Wilson (1840-1895) 28 March 1848. Her children: David Wilson Hess 1859-1937, Mary Elizabeth 1861-1954, Amanda Jane Hess 1863-1925, Gladys Ardelia Hess 1866-1915, Sarah Ellen Hess 1868-1932, Jacob Foutz Hess 1872-1872, Seymour Gill Hess 1874-1881, Hortense Emeline Hess 1877-1954, Harriet Hess 1879-, Harriet Pauline or Polly Harriet Hess 1889-1931. Marriage to Elizabeth F. Fretwell (1837-1883) children: Samuel Ferris Hess 1873-1879, Ezra Marion Hess 1875-1879, Charles E Hess 1877 or 1880-1962, John Alma Hess 1879-1945. Married Luella Manerva Hyde (1865-1939) child: Adrian Hyde Hess 1902-1984. 1860 Census Cache, Utah Territory david 22, Jane A 20, David W 1, Jno W Workman 12 born Iowa. 1870 Census Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory. David (Hiss) 33, Jane 29, Wilson 12, Elizabeth 10, Amanda 8, Clara 5, Sarah 2, and Elizabeth 26. David is buried in Farmington City Cemetery A-42-2, Jane Ann W. A-42-3.

Son Alma Hess born 3 June 1839 Ray County, Missouri or Adams County, Illinois. He married Mary Elmira Miller, daughter of Henry William Miller and Elmira Pond, 10 May 1862 Salt Lake City, Utah and died August 9, 1863 in Farmington, Davis, Utah. Children: Alma Clarence Hess born 23 October 1862 Farmington, Davis, Utah, married Eliza Flamm. Lucia Hess born 2 or 18 April 1864 in Farmington, Davis, Utah, married William Cook, family home in Farmington. Alma is buried in the Farmington City Cemetery F-48-2 next to his mother.

Daughter Emma Elizabeth Hess
born 17 May 1841 at Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa and died 5 May 1919 at Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho. She married Jason Nicholas Barkdull (1834-1889) 4 January 1857 Salt Lake City, Utah. Children: Nicholas Barkdull 1857-1858, Emma Elizabeth Barkdull 1859-1909, Ellen Sarah Barkdull 1860-1861, Florence A. Barkdull 1862-1863, John M Barkdull 1864-1950, David Lot Barkdull 1868-1933, and Riley Barkdull 1869-1948. 1860 Census Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory Nicholas Barkdull 26, Emma 19, Emma E 1 born Utah Territory.

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